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By joining the SFA, we would be able to reach out to a larger community in Singapore and accelerate the adoption of DEFI.

on September 06, 2021

💻SFA - SINGAPORE FINTECH ASSOCIATION Website: https://singaporefintech.org/

With over 1000 fintech firms of more than 10,000 industrial employees in the country, Singapore for long has been known as the leading fintech hub of Asia, with above 40% of Southeast Asia FinTechs choosing Singapore as their startup destination. Amidst the growing adoption of FinTech across industries, the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA), founded in 2016, has been acting as a meaningful connection between market participants and stakeholders in the regional FinTech ecosystem, enhancing integration and driving the sustainable growth of the industry.

SFA aims to provide an effective platform for members to engage with diverse stakeholders and discover solutions for their problems under the three core principles: COLLABORATION - CO-CREATE - CONNECT

Collaboration: to be a collaborative, open, and transparent platform for the FinTech community to cooperate and promote best practices.

Co-create: to assist in the growth of FinTech companies operating in or entering Singapore by educating, informing, and communicating internally and externally. By coordinating and catalysing otherwise individual actions, SFA represents the FinTech community.

Connect: to represent the FinTech sector, uphold the member integrity and assist members in building relationships with the FinTech community, collaborate with regional and international FinTech organizations.

Up to now, SFA has been facilitating engagement among over 860 corporate members from over 50 countries. To many fintech startups, the membership of SFA means one of the very first steps to further development, deepened partnership, additional resources and professional recognition.

BHOLDUS as member of SFA

Bholdus is a blockchain project that aims to digitise (NFT) assets of Southeast Asian SMEs in order to establish the groundwork for more open, transparent, and secure financial transactions. Right now, Bholdus is building blockchain solutions for regional multinational firms' capital management systems and distribution networks, which is driving the adoption of DEFI in the real world, but there is still a long way to go. The journey ahead, however, will be interesting thanks to the support provided by SFA for its members.

By being a member of SFA, Bholdus hopes to increase its brand exposure as well as exposure with global financial institutions, respectable crypto players, and global authorities in order to ensure that what Bholdus is doing is compliant in various jurisdictions. Bholdus intends to support distinct SFA members by delivering a one-stop blockchain solution wherever possible, with the help of solid guidance from thoughtful industry leaders in SFA. Furthermore, Bholdus will have a wonderful opportunity to be invited to various webinars and conferences in the crypto and fintech area to discuss hot subjects with the other existing SFA members. Ultimately, this partnership will bring out the best opportunities to not only potential customers in need of practical solutions but also counterparts and professionals who share the vision to innovate and promote the development of FinTech for the public interest.

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Bholdus website: https://www.bholdus.com/

Bholdus Telegram Channel: https://t.me/Bholdus

Bholdus Bho 🌍 Global Community: https://t.me/Bholdus_ENcommunity

Bholdus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bholdus/

Bholdus Twitter: https://twitter.com/bholdus

Bholdus LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bholdus

Bholdus YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC6ulJX-TdPKPE3bu1Kwg8gQ

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