7:00 AM - December 17, 2021 -> 6:59AM - December 30, 2021 (GMT+7)


1️⃣ Register/Login to testnet.bholdus.net & create your own NFT with at least 01 imprint related to Bholdus, for example: Official Logo, Bholdus iconic Astronaut, etc. You can design your own or use the available samples in the link below:

2️⃣ In the DESCRIPTION section, enter your full name & email. (Please fill in the correct information, as Bholdus will use it to contact you & transfer the prize)

3️⃣ Send your NFT to our Bholdus wallet address, at: nvoNdUXUrxFGqtuxK73GbHd21JU9YvjKpe5vTna9MwK5Ct51E

4️⃣ Your NFT will be posted by us on Facebook Global Fanpage “BHOLDUS” in a separate album (the album is updated every 2 days). Your NFT will be marked based on the number of interactions there as follows:

  • Like/Reaction: 1 point
  • Share: 2 points (Using Public mode. The shared post has to be visible until the time of awarding)
  • Comment: 3 points

NOTE: NFTs can NOT contain NSFW* contents and violate copyrights. (NSFW: Contents that contain nudity; is politically, religiously, ethnically incorrect, or incites violence)


  • 200,000+ TOKEN $BHO (2,000 BHO/prize)
  • 200 Bholdus Porcelain Cup
  • 200 Bholdus T-shirt
  • 10 MOST IMPRESSIVE NFTs voted by Bholdus team will receive an additional WOODEN PHOTO FRAMES color-printed with your own NFT.

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