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The rise of Digital Assets: Partnership of Bholdus with Broctagon

New partnership between Bholdus and Broctagon

on July 30, 2021

Bholdus is an interoperable & cross chained blockchain network dedicated to DeFi apps and NFTs with unprecedented transaction throughput and security, is proud to announce its partnership with Broctagon, a multi-asset liquidity and technology provider, for its continuous commitment to providing retail brokerage businesses throughout the world with multi-asset liquidity and cutting-edge trading technologies.

The notable partner, Broctagon is the first STP engine for digital exchanges in the industry. They connect exchanges to the world’s largest aggregated spot digital asset liquidity pool, complete with Smart Order Routing. Broctagon prides itself on unwavering dedication in delivering multi-asset liquidity and superior trading technology to retail brokerage firms globally as they work with the largest centralised exchange in the world, like Binance. With their complete arsenal of ready-made and client-tested brokerage turnkey solutions, the world will be propelled to the forefront of the finance and investment markets as an industry-leading brokerage.

The partnership between Bholdus and Broctagon, will boost Bholdus' global visibility and legitimate exposure in the cefi and defi worlds, as Broctagon is triumphant in its excellence and this is acknowledged by their awards in the industry, such as the Finance Magnates Awards 2020 in best tailored blockchain solution provider, Global Financial Derivatives Conference 2019 for best liquidity Provider 2019 and many more prestigious awards.

Furthermore, Broctagon and Bholdus are both the existing Singapore fintech association's distinguished members. Both of their HQ companies are well established in Singapore, a financial hub of South East Asia where it has its door open to the rest of the world. Additionally, with a strong cultural fit between the two companies and a strong belief in digital currencies growth in emerging economies, it gives a huge boost to the partnership and forms a strong bond within the two companies. The founder and CEO of Bholdus, Mr. Ronald Le, and some of the core team members in Bholdus live in Singapore for many years, and they adopted great leadership principles in running startups with a fast pace approach, result-oriented action, and capability in building a global market penetration. Therefore, Bholdus is excited about the partnership and looking forward to creating something tremendous together in the industry.

“The partnership between the companies will be a win-win, as it is the key in an open system related to crypto currencies and blockchain technologies'', as quoted by both Bholdus and Broctagon. As partners, both Bholdus and Broctagon will mutually benefit from promoting each other in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Broctagon’s Nexus Worldbook and Bholdus will work hand in hand in organizing regular promotional events such as podcasts, webinars and conferences to discuss hot topics in the crypto world, such as DeFi & CeFi aggregator, broker service and many more. As a company that provides synergetic solutions,

Broctagon will assist Bholdus in liquidity challenge, OTC, marketing making support. Besides, as Broctagon is more integrated in the market, the company will be supporting Bholdus in terms of brand awareness, increasing crypto market exposure and building more connections with various financial institutions. In return, Bholdus will aid Worldbook in gaining access to the existing communities in south east Asia, where Bholdus is most influential. This is done by offering crypto related cross-services and blockchain services to the fast growing communities who are crypto traders, businesses, big corporations and governments in South East Emerging Economies. In addition, Bholdus will also be assisting the Worldbook ecosystem with NFTs issuance for games, digital qualified services as well as helping market expansion, fundraising opportunities via our fast growing communities.

That is all for now about our intriguing partnership with Broctagon. For more information and enquiry about Bholdus, head on over to https://bholdus.com/. Feel free to join us in the community as well, via our telegram groups at https://t.me/Bholdus and https://t.me/Bholdus_ENcommunity.

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